Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

Cats in cute clothes can be fun, but does your cat agree? Is costumes for cats safe?
CostumeForCats - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

A costume for cats is something that most people find to be really cute.  Many people absolutely love dressing their pets and costumes, particularly during the holidays like Christmas and Halloween. There are even lots of animal-related organizations like pet stores that have competitions for owners and their pets as part of various events. Costumes for cats offer unique photos and can be a fun experience, but it is cruel for the cat?

Costume for cats

Signs You Cat Doesn’t Want To Wear a Costume

Some cats are totally fine wearing a costume and don’t even appear to notice that they are wearing one. Many other cats will find the experience extremely unpleasant. Observe your cats reaction and if they don’t like being dressed up in a costume and show discomfort do not put your cat in a costume.

Some examples of a cat not enjoying a costume are:

  • Struggling to remove the costume
  • Freezing
  • Hiding
  • Hunching down
  • Hissing
  • Overheating/ Panting

If your cat is not accepting of a costume the alternative is to add a collar or harness that may have a small decorative item on it or just have a nice decorative theme printed on the collar itself. Your cat will be much happier.

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Choose a Holiday Themed Cat Collar Instead

Here are a few alternative holiday-themed collars you could choose for your cat instead. Most cats will tolerate wearing a collar a lot better than a costume. Although they might not be as flashy as some of the full-on cat costumes, a tiny bell or a cute bowtie can really make for some great photos. Just have a look.

Tips If Your Cat Accepts Cat Costumes

If you are a cat owner that has a cat that enjoys or accepts wearing cat costumes then you should never leave them unsupervised in the cat costume.  Only put the costume on for short periods of time. There should be plenty of time to get some cute photos in without putting your cat in long stressful situations.

Cat Costumes to Avoid

There are some flat-out unsafe costumes that should ALWAYS be avoided when selecting cat costumes.

  • Covers their eyes
  • Covers nose or mouth
  • Too tight
  • Too loose
  • Anything that can break off and be swallowed
  • Anything sharp (think safety pins)
  • Anything that completely covers their head

If you are not sure if your cat is enjoying wearing a costume, just avoid putting your cat in the costume.

5 Examples of Great Cat Costumes

If your cat accepts wearing costumes, then we have selected 5 examples of costumes that may be tolerated more than others.

1) Princess Cat Costume

CatPrincessCostume - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

This costume is cute and frilly but allows the cat’s ears to remain free. There are no full-body issues to be worrying about.

2) Harry Potter Cat Costume

HarryPotterCatCostume - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

This is another really cute costume that makes your cat look like they are from Harry Potter. Although this is more full body costume, there is lots of room for your cat to move around as it is mostly a cape that goes around the neck. You may have a harder time getting them to keep the glasses on, but it still looks cute even without them.

3) Bat Costume For Cats

BatCat - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

This looks REALLY cute and is perfect for a little Halloween spooky cat costume. Like a cat with bat wings is the most natural thing in the world. This is another easy costume to wear as it is mostly a collar/harness that goes around the cat’s chest.

4) Christmas Cat Costumes

CatChristmasCostume - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

Most of the Cat Christmas costumes involved putting things on your cats head. Most cats will not approve of this, and if they do, they will not like it for very long. This costume includes two pieces that you might find your cat enjoys during the holidays.

5) Vampire Halloween Cat Costumes

VampireCatCostume - Costume for Cats: Is it Cruel to Put Costumes On A Cat?

This vampire cat costume really make for some stunning photos. It is mostly a collar option, but depending on the size of your cat it may be a little be long. If your cat will wear this vampire costume it is sure to be a hit.

Final Thoughts On Costume for Cats

Although some cats will not tolerate full costumes and it would be cruel to put them in one, most cats will tolerate a themed cat collar. This is a great alternative choice if you want some from holiday-themed cat photos. If your cat is ok with cat costumes, we hope you enjoy our list of favorites that allow for the cat to maintain a sense of movement and room.

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