Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

Get the best photos of your cat with these simple tips
Cat10 - Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

So you want some tips for photographing your cat. Many of us love cats. If there’s something that is definitely clear to all humans, it’s that cats and pictures of them have taken over the internet. There are cat pictures everywhere, from Instagram to Snapchat to Facebook. There are really some amazing and funny cat photos out there.

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5 Tips for Photographing Your Cat

Cats can be difficult to photograph sometimes though, so let’s go over some tips for photographing Your Cat.

  1. Have Patients – Good Cat Photos Take Time

    Cats are certainly not the easiest of subjects to photograph. They will be running around, not doing what you want them to, and certainly won’t sit still and pose as you may see with a dog. The majority of photos that you take of your cat, will likely not turn on. Expect this, remember this and try and take MANY photos to get the best results.

    Take your time and enjoy watching your cat. Wait till your cat is calm or happy and purring. Have your camera ready at all times to take photos, and take them frequently. Since you likely are using digital photos you always can go over and remove any that don’t turn out later.

  2. Get down on the floor

    One of the best ways to get great cat photos is to get down at cat level. If you are standing above the cat and looking down from a human height then it is pretty likely that you will not take the best cat photos. The height makes the photo seem less personal. It is also pretty likely that the cat will have a lot of background in the shot and it will result in a blurry cat.

    Get down on the floor instead. Look at the cat directly on at cat level and you will be taking some amazing cat photos. This way you are part of the cat’s world.

    If you can’t or don’t want to get on the floor for photos, it’s important to remember that you just need to be level with the cat. Put your cat up on its cat tree or back of a chair and then you can take photos while you are standing. cat floor 1661236798 - Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

  3. Use toys and sounds

    Using cat toys, the cat’s name, or other sounds that your cat enjoys will greatly improve your chances of getting a good photo. Although photography of cats takes time and can be very unpredictable, it is pretty likely that when you use a cat toy or the cat’s name, the cat will turn and look in the direction of the noise. This can help you to get the cat to look where you want.

    Using a cat toy on a wand will allow you to take action shot photos. Use one hand to wave the toy around or enlist the help of a partner to use the cat toy. Then snap away with some amazing photos of your cat doing what it does best and hunting.

  4. Use Zoom

    Your cat is likely not going to want to sit still for a photo session in front of you. They may bounce off to a close, but not too close position. This is totally fine. Use your camera’s zoom lense to get in there and take a photo of all the action while being a few steps away. cat close 1661236816 - Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

  5. Focus on Cat’s Eyes

    Cats have very expressive eyes. If you want really a really great Tip for Photographing Your Cat, then you should try and get your cat clear and focused eyes. This can be really tough, especially as cats bounce and move around. Try and focus your camera on the eyes, wait and use the other tips we mentioned and then see if your cat gets the cat eyes in focus. If the eyes are blurry on a close-up shot of the cat, the whole photo will feel kind of off so this is something to keep in mind. cat 1661236855 - Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

Final Thoughts on  Best Foolproof Tips for Photographing Your Cat

Photographic your cat can be really difficult. If you follow our foolproof tips though, you will be able to get some stunning and awesome cat photos in no time.


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