Why Do Cats Purr?

The soft rumble of a cat purr is great, by what exactly is it?
cat5 - Why Do Cats Purr?

One of the best feelings in the world is when your cat is sitting on your lap contentedly purring up a storm. but what exactly does it mean? Why do cats purr? 

Many people associate purring with feelings of happiness in their cats. Purring definitely can happen when your cat is feeling very appreciated happy and content.  If you are offering her a treat, brushing them, or petting your cat and that is likely what your cat is telling you with their purring, but Cats can purr for many reasons.

What is a Cat Purring?

Cats purr at a sound frequency between 25 and 150 hertz(Hz). Low frequencies (like 0 to 500 Hz) are not just sounds, but ones that you can feel as well. Think of like the loud gut feeling bass at the movie theatre or the rumble from a live band. 

There have been various studies over the years that show that a cat’s purr Falls right into the perfect frequency to promote healing relieve pain and soothe stress. There’s even some scientific evidence that purring promotes bone growth and heals soft tissues.

How Long Does Purring Last?

Cats can purr anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. 

Where Do Cats Learn To Purr?

Cats learn to purr from their mothers in the first few days after they are born.  If they don’t learn it from their mother many cats purr on their own shortly after. Purring allows tiny kittens to communicate with their mothers when they are close together without being heard by predators.

Why Do Cats Purr? Is it just Happiness?

Cats not only purr when they are happy and content but also when they are hungry, tired, and stressed. Some cats even purr when they are dying.


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