Cat Room Decor Ideas You’ll Love

If you have a room in your house that is for your cat, check out some of this amazing cat room decor.
Cat Room Decor Ideas

Cat room decor ideas are fun! When you get a cat, they quickly become part of your family. Many people choose to have a house, or a room to reflect that. We go over several ideas on how you can update your cat room decor and create the ultimate cat room that your cat deserves.

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Where to Make Your Cat Room

You have a few choices for location when you make your cat their own special place.

The Basement or Attic

If you have access to a basement or attic, it can be a great spot for a cat room to fill up with cat room decor. Usually, these places are just filled with storage so it makes it a great use of space that will otherwise not be occupied.

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom is another location that works for cat rooms. Usually, these rooms are only occasionally used by guests so the rest of the time they can be enjoyed by your kitten friend. It may be confusing to your cat when you have a guest stay over though and they can’t access their room.

Transform Your Office

Having a few extra cat room decor pieces in your office is a great way to share the space. If you work from home your cat will likely be spending a lot of time with you in the office anyway, so why not add a few items for them to enjoy

Create a Cozy Cat Corner Instead

Not everyone is going to have an entire room to convert to their cat, and that is completely fine. You can go still create a little corner that is just for your cat friend. Even if you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can create one that goes up and your kitty will be just as happy!

Decorate and Design your Cat Room Decore

Once you have selected the purrfect location, now comes the fun part – decorating! There are lots of different things you can do to make this the ultimate cat room.

Add some Photos of your Pet

A great touch to your Cat room is adding in some photos of your cat. You can even add photos of previous pets you have owned. These personal touches add a nice feel to the room.

Add Catwalks along the walls

Cat Shelves

Cats are excellent jumpers. You can easily create an amazing kitty playground by adding some shelves along the walls for them to run across. There can be shelves that you purchase from the dollar store and place around the room, or you can get lots of choices that look great in any room from Amazon. You simply need to screw the shelves into the walls and you cats will be super happy jumping and running from spot to spot.

Add Some Cat Stairs

Some cats are better jumpers than others. As some cats age, they also may have a harder time reaching certain places up high. This doesn’t mean they don’t want the ability to BE up high. A great alternative is to put in some cat stairs. These simple steps along the wall can be a great way to get up to a higher perch to watch the room and everything going on in it.

Cat Trees add Instant Height

Cat trees are a great way to add some cat flair to any room. The best part of cat trees is that they are moveable, not permanent and generally are a great way to create a cat-specific area without a lot of construction or effort on your part. There are large and tall cat trees or small and short ones. Your cat will likely enjoy any you provide them. There are even quite fancy cat trees that include a feeding station, litterbox cover area, and more!

Final Thoughts on Cat Room Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Making an area of your home friendly to cats is something that can be accomplished with a little bit of planning, construction and love. Your cat friend will love any items your provide for them to jump, climb and hide.

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