How to Keep Cats Cool in Hot Weather

With hot summer temperatures, how do you make sure your cat is hydrated and cool?
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When the summer heat hits, it is important to know how to keep cats cool in hot weather. We will go over this very important topic here and provide some easy-to-do tips to help keep your cat hydrated in the hot weather.

  1. Get a Cat Cooling Mat

    Pet cooling mats off a great way for your cat to cool down when they are feeling warm. They don’t need any water, or electricity. Depending on the type of cooling mat it will be made with a special gel they can use to cool down with or special breathable fabrics. They are comfortable cushions your cat will enjoy sleeping on any time of day

  2. Change Out Dry Food For Wet Food

    Some Cats do not drink enough water on good days. When it is hot out they need even more water to keep things working well. You can help them to get extra water in their diet by swapping out wet cat food for dry cat food on extra hot days. This will be a tasty treat for your cat, as well as greatly increase the moisture content they are getting with their food.

  3. Put Cold Water On Their Paws

    There are not many spots on your cat where they will sweat, unlike a dog. But a cat’s paws are one such area. If your cat allows it, you can’t put a little bit of cold water on their paws to quickly turn down your kitty’s temperature.cat6 - How to Keep Cats Cool in Hot Weather

  4. Seek Out Shady Spots

    If you have outdoor cats it is important not to forget them too. Make sure they have a nice shady area with plenty of water and fresh food. If you happen to live in a location that doesn’t offer a lot of shady spots you can consider providing a source of one with a cat house.

  5. Freeze Wet Cat Food For a Fun Treat

    A fun treat for hot cats is to offer them frozen cat food. Get an ice cube tray and fill it with cat food. Pop out, place on a mat, and let your cat enjoy licking the frozen treat.

  6. Groom Your Cat

    Long-haired cats will have a much harder time keeping cool during the hot summer months. Make sure you are brushing, grooming, and even taking the cat for a haircut if the hair is too long or matted. You don’t want to take off all the cat’s fur, but allowing them a little more breathing room can sometimes be helpful.

  7. Offer Lots of Fresh Clean Water

    Cats constantly need fresh clean water. If you want to encourage your pet to drink more water then one of the best ways to do that is to offer a pet water fountain. Cats really enjoy the oxygenated water fountains bring, so this is an effective way to make sure they drink enough water to stay hydrated each day.

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Be Aware Of Cat Heat Stress

If your cat is not getting enough water during the hot summer months it is very easy for your cat to become dehydrated and start showing signs of Heatstroke. If you think your cat is suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion make sure to contact your vet immediately.

Here are the warning signs of an Overheating Cat:

  • Hot ears
  • Drooling
  • Depression
  • Not Eating
  • Panting or Open mouth breaking
  • Dark red or sometimes pale gums

Final Thoughts On How to Keep Cats Cool in Hot Weather

Cats absolutely love hanging out in the sunshine and really warm temperatures, but you need to make sure that your cats stay hydrated. By following the tips we provided for How to Keep Cats Cool in Hot Weather you can make sure your kitty enjoys a safe and comfortable summertime.

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