Where Do Cats Sleep? All About Your Cat’s Sleep Habits

Do Cats Dream? How Can You Help Your Cat Get the Best Sleep?
Where Do Cats Sleep?

Where Do Cats Sleep?  What is the perfect sleep space for your cat? How to Create a Safe Sleep Environment For Your Cat? Do Cats Dream? Let’s go over everything you need to know about sleeping and your cat.

When you get a new cat you need to determine what is the best location for them to sleep in. You want to make sure your new kitty pal is comfortably cared for and calm. Your cat will generally be spending between 16-20 hours a day sleeping! That is a lot of time for napping. You want to make sure that your feline friend will have a nice place to sleep in. 

A Quiet Sleeping Place

Cats need a quiet place when they are sleeping. Much like humans, Cats want a calm and quiet environment when they are ready for their nap time. You can place their bed in a place where they are not likely to be disturbed or where there will not be a lot of traffic in your household. Generally, your cat is going to find one of these safe quiet places that are a little bit out of the way, like the spare bedroom or a quiet corner of the living room. You can give them a place of comfort in advance though, so they know that it is a safe place for them to sleep all the time.

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Keep the Sleeping Area Separate

Much like humans, cats do not like to sleep where their bathrooms and food are. Although it might make sense to put all of these cat-caring items in one location, usually your cat will not like to sleep where its toilet is. Make sure their food water and litter box are located in a different location from their bed for a comfortable sleep for your kitty.

A Bed Up High

Cats frequently will hide up in high places when they are looking to sleep. This is so they can see everything that is going on around them and protect themselves if they need to get away. If you can, try and have some places for your cat to sleep up high. Cat tree houses or up on the back of the sofa work as great spots for your sleepy friend. Here are some great choices of cat houses to get your kitty their own special area from Amazon.

Cats Love Sunshine

Cats love to sleep in the Sun. They always manage to find the best possible place to get the maximum amount of sun rays in your house and sleeping time will be no different. If you have a window they can sleep in your cat will be a very happy kitty otherwise they’re probably going to move throughout the day to try and maximize the amount of sun that they can get.

Always Make Sure There Is A Bed

Your cat is very likely to sleep pretty much wherever they feel like it, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a special bed for them. If a cat is feeling particularly stressed out for whatever reason, having a known safe spot that is just for them will be very much welcomed. You can even place a shirt of yours in there so it has a comfortable smell of you.

Do Cats Dream?

If you ever watched your cat sleep then you’ve seen their body twitch and shake and their whiskers like back and forth then you must have wondered if this means that your kitty Powell is streaming.  we will never be completely sure if our cats are dreaming but research into other animals like rats show it is pretty likely that your cat is dreaming.

A study at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  found when rats ran around a maze a certain set of neurons fired In their brain. then when the rats went to sleep the same set of neurons fired which lead the scientists to conclude that the rats were likely dreaming about running through the maze again.

If rats can dream, it is pretty likely that cats do. Perhaps we will have more research in this area in the future to know for sure, but in the meantime, when you see your kitten’s whisker twitching, they are probably hunting away their favorite cat toy.

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Final Thoughts on Where Do Cats Sleep? All About Your Cat’s Sleep Habits

Your cat needs a separate special place to have their sleepy time. You can follow some of the tips in this article to create the perfect place for your cat to sleep.

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