Ideas for Cats Birthday Party

A Cat Birthday Party? Why not! It's tons of fun!
catbirthday - Ideas for Cats Birthday Party

A cat is just like a member of your family, so when their birthday comes around why not throw an amazing party for your cat? They make our lives better in so many ways. So having a fun and cat-themed birthday party is a great way to celebrate the cat you love so much.

Here are the best tips for throwing a birthday party for your cat.

Cat Birthday Party Tips

You want to consider your cat when you start planning for a cat birthday party. Do they like attention or shy away from it? Either way, you can create an experience that celebrates them coming into your life.

Decorations for Cat Birthday

There are tons of fun birthday party cat ideas you can do. How about these totally cute cat balloons? Simply cut out with construction paper and tape it onto the balloon for the ultimate easy cat decoration.

CatBalloons - Ideas for Cats Birthday Party

There are also countless cat-themed birthday party supplies available on Amazon for children, and thankfully these make great additions for your cat-themed birthday too.


Cat Birthday Party Food Ideas

There are lots of easy (and more complicated) cat-themed food ideas.

How about some Black Cat Oreo cookies, with M&M and icing? What about this adorable Cat Cheese ball and crackers? Or these awesome Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches? Make these super easy cheese and cracker mice with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese, almond ears, raisin eyes and nose, and a chow mein tail. There are tons of cat-themed food for you to explore to serve.

You also don’t want to forget your cat. So here are some easy cat treats for your cat.

salmon cat treats - Ideas for Cats Birthday Party

3 ingredient salmon cat treats anyone? Or you can get store-bought cat treats, or cat nip sticks for some extra fun.

Cat Birthday Party Games

There are lots of fun cat party games that you can play with your friends.

  • Create a Mice Hunt –  which is just like an easter egg hunt but draw tiny faces on the plastic eggs instead.
  • Pin the tail on the cat – Same as the old classic, but use a cat and cat tail
  • Toss the Yarn In the Baskey – Get a basket. Have people take turns trying to throw a small ball of yarn into it. The team with the most wins. Bonus your cat will likely join in on this one

Cat Birthday Party Favors

Having a small gift for your guests when they leave is a nice touch. Here are some simple and fun ideas

CatsAdoption - Ideas for Cats Birthday Party

  • Have a small basket of stuffed animal cats and offer “cat adoption” for each one
  • Cat Ears. These are usually pretty inexpensive and make a great thing to wear during the party and to take home.
  • Cat Temporary Tattoos. You can get hundred of cat tattoos from amazon for less than $10.

Final thoughts on Cat Birthday Party Tips

Cats are a special part of your family and they deserve a celebration for their day too. You can have a fun cat-themed birthday party for your furry friend where you enjoy all things cat.

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